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Mission Statement

Law Office of Virginia Fuentes is an employment and business law practice dedicated to supporting business owners through the scary, complicated and arduous process of managing their business and their employees.

I consult on a wide variety of topics including what to do first when starting a small business or solo venture and how to make your business work for you. 


I believe a person who chooses to open their own business is a special type of person with a vision and a drive.  I love helping people work towards that vision.  No one is perfect so finding the strengths and weaknesses along with working with those strengths and weaknesses is the key to success. 


I believe in working with the "end in mind." Developing mission statements, vision statements and goals from the very beginning to help direct the business is crucial.  The business owner is the creator and thinking through the creation is very important. 


I am very much into the growth mindset in development.  Skills can be learned; strength can be utilized over weaknesses; weaknesses can be worked around with some ingenuity and purposeful action.  With a lot of hard work, anything is possible, and I am excited to be a part of the process. 


The ultimate goal is that the decisions and behaviors of the business are a product of conscious choice, based on the values established, rather than a product of outside conditions.


The emotional intelligence of the owner plays a large part in how the business will progress.  I believe very much that people tend to get in their own ways.  Understanding yourself will help get you out of your way and will help you be an effective leader.  Emotional intelligence will also help you see your weaknesses so that you can work with and around them.  Harvard Business Review has published many articles on emotional intelligence and has described it as essential to being a leader.


I am happy to be an accountability partner for owners needing another person to help them stay on mission.  I am also happy to be a soundboard for ideas, thoughts, and opinions.  I want to help you work on your business and not just in your business. 


Employment Law Consulting

Business Law Consulting

Title IX & Sexual Harassment Consulting

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